Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Did You Know?... Pinot Noir of the Finger Lakes

We are strong proponents of Finger Lakes wines. Every chance we get, we order whatever is on offer from there. Despite that, we have very seldom had Pinot Noir that comes from New York. According to our tour guide at Brooklyn Winery, Pinot Noir is a difficult grape to grow and requires the focus of a grape grower's effort to make sure it grows correctly. As the current demand for Pinot Noir far exceeds the supply, it is worthwhile for growers to make the effort. If the terrior of the Finger Lakes is allowed to show through in the wine, it will never be mistaken for Oregon Pinot Noir. The Finger Lakes region has a similar climate to the areas renowned for the wine, so the quality could be comparable. Keep an eye out, because you may be able to get some excellent wine at a good price as New York wine makers learn to work with the grape.

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