Thursday, October 9, 2014

Quick Review: Bellangelo Dry Riesling 2013

US, NY, Finger Lakes, Bellangelo Dry Riesling 2013
+ // Fruity // peach, stone, // peach // light-med

A little "one-note" upon first tasting but ended up being an excellent food accompaniment. We enjoyed it with spicy fish and veggie soup. Surprisingly, even with the soup's strong flavors, this wine managed to cut through and hold its own. The soup's spices brought out the wine's much-desired crispness and helped to balance the fruity quality we got with our initial tasting.

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  1. Thanks for tasting, and I am glad you enjoyed it! We still haven't released the wine yet, but we opened a bottle just the other day and were thrilled at how it is developing. Come back to this wine next year and I know you'll be thrilled at how much it has begun to open.