Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Why Bother Remembering Wine Names?

With wine, there are a lot of things to remember. Regions, winemakers, varietals, vintages, and more. It's a lot for to keep track of for most of us. It will be worth your while, however, to remember this key trick (one we use all the time). If you are looking for Chardonnay, but the glass from California is a little too expensive for your tastes, knowing that cheaper glass of Chablis or Burgundy on the menu is exactly the same grape can be a saving grace. Knowing the most common wine regions in France and the main grapes grown there can help you pinpoint what you want on the most longwinded, foreign-sounding wine list. Still learning? You should never be afraid to ask the server for a "Chardonnay" on the "less expensive" side. If they know their stuff, they'll point out that Chablis for you.

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