Friday, March 7, 2014

How-To: Use Spoiled Wine

Sometimes, wine goes bad. Whether an open bottle got left out on the counter after a party, or you discovered it "corked" upon opening, you probably don't want to drink spoiled wine. Given that Americans throw away nearly half of their food every year according to some studies, it's worthwhile to think of ways to use the wine you could easily just pour down the drain.
  • Cook With It: While a wine loses a lot of its most vibrant flavors if it's exposed to air for too long, it can still retain some of its acidity. A half bottle left over from a party can easily be added to a recipe of Coc au Vin or any other dish that calls for some cooking wine.
  • Make Vinegar: Left to it's own devices, an open bottle of wine will turn into vinegar. If you have some leftovers, with the help of plenty of air you can let nature take its course.
  • Use in punch: Freeze leftover wine in ice trays and add a cube to your favorite sangria or other favorite wine-based cocktail. 
  • Give Up: If a bottle is "corked," it develops some pretty awful flavors. The bacteria that causes it makes the wine taste like wet cardboard and mold. The wine is still safe to drink, but probably not too enjoyable.

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