Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Did You Know?... About Tuscan Wines

Tuscany is a region in the middle of Italy, famous for Florence and some of the great wines of Italy.

Chianti: Maybe the most famous wine of Italy,with the old image of the squat bottle wrapped in a wicker basket. Those days, not much was expected from the quality of Chianti, but a loosening of the DOC rules in the 1990s has given winemakers a chance to really show the strength of the Sangiovese grape that goes into that wine. It has a strong cherry flavor, but can end up with a balance of acidity and tannins that can give it equal hints of flowers and leather.

Montepulciano: Another red grape with a bolder flavor, rich in apple and plum notes.

Brunello: The big wine of the region, known for aggressive flavors that often need years of aging to mellow.

Vernaccia, Verdicchio, etc: The white wines of the region can be beautiful, with richness and herb notes, but according to many, it's difficult to discern the difference between the grapes.

Super Tuscans: Some winemakers wanted to deviate from the stringent rules of traditional Chianti. The name was an attempt by winemakers to create a new brand that would allow them to work in their own style. The "style" included everything from minor varations on Chianti to wines closer to a Bordeaux Blend.

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