Friday, February 28, 2014

How-To: Pair Wine and Brussel Sprouts

When thinking about a nice meal with a glass of wine, brussel sprouts aren't the first food to spring to mind. They're not everyone's favorite vegetable, but when prepared correctly, you can avoid that stereotypical whiff of sulfur. Still, no matter how the dish is prepared, you can always taste the brussels sprouts. Earthy, but sweeter than cabbage or broccoli, with just a hint of that funk: they are a great vessel for other flavors. Many people just simply roast them with a bit of olive oil or butter, maybe adding some balsamic vinegar, or...that favorite ingredient to fix a dish--bacon!

Wine Pairing, Barolo, Brussels Sprouts

If you're looking for a wine to pair with brussels sprouts, look for a big wine, with some of those similar flavors: Earthy, funky, maybe a bit of sweetness.

  • Classic Cotes du Rhone, with big flavors of herbs and spices
  • Australian Shiraz (the same grape as the Cotes du Rhone) will give you just as big, but rounder, fruitier flavors.
  • Italian Barolo will have some interesting earthy flavors, but might be even bigger flavors than the brussel sprouts
  • Stone-y white wines like Chenin Blanc or some dry Rieslings can match the mineral flavors.

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