Monday, February 10, 2014

Back to Miami with 15 Steps

We are fortunate to get a chance to get together with family every year in Miami. And while it is great to hang out and do some family meals, we still try to get away and enjoy the food scene in some way. A couple of times, we have wandered over to the Eden Roc Hotel and Resort to enjoy the restaurant there.

15 Steps is right up our alley. Focusing on fresh, seasonal ingredients, the farm-to-table menu is easy and approachable, but well executed. Leaving behind the sleeping Little Vinacular with Grandma, we found ourselves with a few minutes to spare, so we grabbed a couple of stools at the bar before our reservation.

The cocktails were probably the high point of the night. We love to sip a glass of wine, but these days we seldom get a chance to just sit and enjoy it while we chat. We have a glass with dinner, maybe a glass as we relax in front of the tv, but having a small child means we don't often get to just sit at a bar for an hour or two. It helped that the cocktails were great, fresh and vibrant to get our mouths watering for dinner. The Elizabeth Taylor is still on Tina's mind: bubbly, bitter, sweet, and mouthwatering.

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Really, the watchwords for the evening were "fresh and bright". A starting round of a tomato soup: rich and sweet with chunks of crab meat, and a carrot salad; crafted from whole carrots, earthy, sweet, and nutty. Dinner was a plate of scallops and another of mushrooms, gnocchi, and truffles. Paired with a bright, grassy Sauvignon Blanc and a earthy, fruity Pinot Noir respectively, the wines worked well to emphasize the farm freshness of the meal.

The only downside to the dinner was the service. Maybe it's an issue with the fact that it's a resort, where they add an automatic gratuity to the bill, so a waiter doesn't feel any pressure to serve. Or maybe the table next to us with an expense account looked like the bigger tip. But waiting for half an hour after dinner is finished and the wine glasses are empty to catch your waiter's eye (and after several attempts) doesn't leave us feeling like ordering dessert. Not a great end to the meal, but not bad enough to make us regret the cocktails and wine we enjoyed.

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