Friday, January 24, 2014

Why Take Wine Notes?

Whenever we find a new wine, we jot down some notes, which you see as our Quick Reviews. Other wine reviewers have different systems, sometimes quite effusive and esoteric. You might ask yourself why you would bother, if you are just trying to enjoy a glass?

For us, its simple. We are always trying new and different wines, so taking notes, just like taking notes in physics class, helps you remember details. And with modern technology, you can plug those notes into your smart phone, tag them. and look back at what has made some of your favorite wines.

With those same sort of notes, you can also compare different wines. Different vintages, different producers, or even different varietals. You can use your notes to compare them all, without having to organize to taste them all at the same time.

For us, that's why we like to keep our notes simple. A description of a wine "like sitting in a swollen creek bed, enjoying the summer smells" might be evocative, but not something you can really experience again. And you really can't use something like that to explain to what your waiter you are looking for!

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