Monday, November 4, 2013

Dinner and History: Red Owl Tavern in Philadelphia

We've been stuck in NYC for a while now. With the new addition to our family, travel has been intimidating. Luckily, we have some great destination options an easy train ride away. We decided our first trip away from home would be a quick day trip to Philadelphia to see a few museums, and, perhaps more importantly, to take advantage of the hotel's babysitting service while we enjoyed a romantic evening at the  in-house restaurant.

Because it offered everything we were looking for, we decided to stay at The Hotel Monaco, overlooking the Liberty Bell. With easy access to the great historical sites of Philadelphia, we were ultimately most interested in the Red Owl Tavern downstairs. While we normally avoid steakhouses, it seemed appropriate to enjoy a great American meal in the most American of cities.

Camped outside, watching the last of the tourists shuffle home for the evening, we enjoyed some great wine and some amazing slabs of meat. A wide range of American wines--even a handful of Finger Lakes offerings--made us feel right at home. A menu of locally sourced produce showcased the quality of American meats. Easy, fun, and comforting, the perfect combination for a very special evening.

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