Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Quick Review: Two Italian Whites

We sampled two white wines at the 2013 NYC Wine & Food Festival Pairing Seminar.

2009 Villa Matilde Fiano di Avellino
+ // Crisp // Apple //  Apple, roasted grapefruit, tart lemon // Light - Medium
Grapes grown in high altitudes that are warm by day but cool by night give this wine its crisp finish. Chef Lynch provided the apt "roasted grapefruit" descriptor.

The grape is "Fiano," and the area, or AVA "Avellino." Villa Matilde is the chateau.

2011 Feudi Greco di Tufo
+ // Fruity // Honey, melon // Melon, pear, ash, mineral // Medium
The grape here is "Greco" and the grapes are grown in the Campania region.

Fiano on the left, Greco on the right.

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