Thursday, September 5, 2013

Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwich

Sometimes, we do actually consume something other than wine. On a recent trip through the neighborhood, I stumbled across the Coolhaus Ice Cream truck. Ice cream sandwiches, with flavors based on architecture puns, how could I pass that up? They offer a selection of ice cream and cookie sandwich flavors that can be mixed and matched to order. I went with the Potato Chip & Skor Bar Cookie with Guinness Ice Cream. Sweet flavors, with a hint of chocolate, paired with a range of savory flavors, and a trace of saltiness -- the very perfect combination. The crunch from the Skor Bar and chips were a nice textural counterpoint to the creaminess of the ice cream. It was a perfect treat for a warm fall afternoon.

My goal is to try all of the available combinations. Is this even possible?

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