Friday, August 23, 2013

Should You Buy a "Table Wine"?

"Table wine" is that vast category of wine made from natural fermentation (non-fortified) that doesn't meet the criteria for wines of specific regions. That may mean its made from grapes grown outside the most famous regions, or it could be made from a different selection of grapes from the traditional style of the region.

In Old World wines, this comes into play more often. The basic rule of thumb is that a "table wine" will be of lesser quality, and is intended for more casual drinking. But like it's origins with the casual wine intended for a family table, this can be just what you are looking for.

Usually, the benefit of a table wine is the value. Acknowledging its less than stellar origins, a table wine will be considerably cheaper than a more specific wine, even if it is from a well know producer. But in the hands of a skilled wine maker, it can still be a wonderful wine for everyday consumption, and can offer great value.

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