Monday, August 5, 2013

A Quick Stop at Lillie's

We have a handful of favorite places to visit when we go into Manhattan, but there is always a benefit to trying something new. While the old tried-and-true places deliver a comfort that comes with something known, a little adventure can lead you to something new and exciting.

After brunch with some friends at a popular wine bar and restaurant, we found ourselves with an afternoon to kill in Manhattan. We wandered about, shopping and people watching, but eventually we needed to seek refuge from the mean streets. Venturing off the beaten path near Union Square, we came across an interesting little place, a small "Victorian Establishment" by the name of Lillie's. Between the Victorian decor and the live Celtic Folk band playing at the entrance, we thought we might have found an Irish Pub, but the varied and international wine list let us know we were in the right place. We find it rare for such a casual bar to offer such a varied wine menu, it's typically "red" or "white" or at best "merlot" and "chardonnay." Not here: the selection was well-rounded and diverse.

We sat at the bar and enjoyed a couple of glasses, listening to the music. We didn't get a chance to try any food, but the pub menu looked comforting. All told, it was nice to find an alternative to the big named restaurants of the neighborhood, and an opportunity to enjoy some interesting wine in a more casual setting.
Lillie overlooks the scene.

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