Monday, July 1, 2013

So Much Celebration, So Much Wine

There has been so much in our life to celebrate recently. A new home, a new baby, and the special days around both. And for each, we need to find a bottle of wine worthy of the day. So when my little brother came, with his new fiance, to visit our baby over this Fourth of July week, we had to find something to top all of our recent evenings.

Our guests were not wine afficianados, but we decided to try something special: Cabernet Sauvignon from Ad Vivum in Napa seemed an exceptional but approachable wine, a little bit of Americana in a glass. Big, bold, ripe fruit, but with a balance of other interesting flavors, it made for a perfect glass with a big celebratory meal of grilled beef brisket, salt potatoes, and veggie coleslaw. It had a range of flavors that made each bite of food a little more special, as we caught up on our new and exciting life events.

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