Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer in a Glass

Its amazing the effect a glass of wine can have on us. We often talk about the smells and flavors, and what they mean for the wine or how they pair with food. But smell is the strongest link to memory.

One flavor that always stands out to me in our favorite Rieslings from the Finger Lakes is the mineral note that provides part of the strong crisp backbone. Dry to sweet, no matter what style the wine takes, the hint of minerality always lingers at the back of a Finger Lakes Riesling.

For me, that flavor sends my memory back through the years, to a time well before I even started thinking about wine. Summers of my youth were spent hiking and camping in the Finger Lakes. That smell of wet slate takes me back to warm afternoons, sitting in some quiet ravine chatting with friends and listening to the streams babble. Its amazing what seemingly unrelated memories the flavors of a wine can invoke, and the simple pleasures they can remind us of.

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