Monday, May 20, 2013

Special Days, Special Wine

A special day calls for a special wine. This year we finally had a reason to celebrate Mother's Day at home, instead of with a mailed gift and phone call. Looking over our options, we pulled out a bottle of Prestige Cuvee Brut from California's V. Sattui winery. We've enjoyed a few other bottles from them, so it seemed like the perfect option for the big day.

Big, dry and creamy, the wine was a mouthful all on its own, but I made our new momma a special meal to go along with the wine. When we go out for dinner, we may well order complicated dishes, but at home, we often stick to classic American comfort food, and Tina's favorite is Mac & Cheese. Rich and sweet, with the earthiness of the cheese augmented with the addition of some mushrooms, it might have been a bit too powerful of a dish for the wine, but the wine had its own sweet creaminess that brought those aspects of  the meal to the forefront.

It might not have been a traditional pairing, but sometimes its nice to break all the rules and just go with what you want for a special celebration. The wine got a bit lost with dinner, but it certainly didn't ruin the meal, and that just meant we had an excuse to enjoy another glass afterwards, to truly savor the wine.

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