Monday, March 25, 2013

The Terrior of Brooklyn

Despite the amazing food scene in Brooklyn, we often look for simpler, "homey" food when we go somewhere local. But given the great time we had at Terrior Tribeca, we felt compelled to give their newest outpost in Park Slope a try once it opened up. And since we were to treating ourselves to something special, we decided to go all out.

Terrior stocks their extensive wine list full of everything we might look for, with some description to many of the wines. They carry US wines, including some of our favorite from the Finger Lakes, but they also stock wines from some of the most famous wine regions of France. And if you are going to splurge for wine, those regions can really live up to their reputation.

In contrast to the long wine list, the menu is short and simple. We picked a couple of wines from the Rhone region of France, deep with earthy flavors. Paired with some pickled mushrooms, the sweet fruit and deep earth notes of the wine balanced. With roasted beets with oranges, the citrus flavor cut through the more subdued flavors and the subtle balance of the wine was lost. With the rich, fatty and smokey paninis, it was again the earthiness of the wines that came through strongly to complement the meat, with and edge of tannin to cut through the fat and sweet fruit notes to add a layer of flavor. With the spice of the pulled pork, the normally subdued flavors of the wine really popped.

We were really impressed with the way we were treated. We were searching for a special night out, and the staff really obliged. Spending as much on a single glass as we often do on a bottle for home, we wanted to ensure that the bottles were fresh. Our waiter didn't batt an eye, assuring us that we would be getting wine from bottles opened that night. And as our wine ran out as we nibbled on a cheese plate, he brought us complimentary glasses of a very unique sparkling wine, a red Vino Verde, an extra special treat to end a special evening not far from home.

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