Monday, February 18, 2013

Any Port in a Storm

We don't entertain at home every often. Few of our friends live in Brooklyn, and traveling between boroughs feels like visiting a different city, so most of the time we tend to meet at some central point in Manhattan. But every once in a while someone will brave the train ride and venture out to our neighborhood. Thankfully, there are some interesting reasons to come and visit. Some friends wanted to try Franny's, so we agreed to meet up with them. We enjoyed some great pizza, some good Italian wine, and some good conversation, and we didn't want the evening to end, so we headed back to our apartment to visit for a while longer.

We were all stuffed from a great dinner, so the idea of breaking open a bottle of wine to share seemed a bit much. But thankfully, we had the perfect option for an after dinner drink: port. Sweet, but not to sickly, with rich flavors that encouraged casual sipping, and just enough alcohol to encourage those entertaining evening conversations.

We don't keep a stockpile of bottles around for those "just in case" situations but if we had to,make a recommendation for those situations, we'd say keep a bottle of port around.

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