Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Wines We Are The Most Thankful For

We are thankful for every new wine we get a chance to try, but there are a few that stand out:

The wines we tried in the Finger Lakes this year really stood out, both as an opportunity to see the continued evolution of a wine region, and as our first real chance to talk with the winemakers themselves and get a better idea of what they are trying to achieve.

Our journey through the world of wine is all about the adventures they encourage. There was no one glass of wine that stood out, but sitting down for a glass in Lindau to start off our trip to Europe stands out.

Sometimes something close to home is just as special. After a hard day pounding the Brooklyn streets, finding a chance to slip into a local institution like Franny's for a few glasses of wine and some excellent pizza reminds us why we chose to make our home here.

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