Monday, October 1, 2012

Wine and Summer Vegetables

With the summer wrapping up, its time to use up the last of the summer vegetables. And while we spend a lot of time talking about pairing wine with meat dishes, there is less focus on vegetable focused dishes. But its worth thinking about, as we look at our fridge full of squash and our wine rack full of the last of the summer's white wine.

Most wines are meant to be drunk quickly, usually in the year after their release. This is especially true for white wines, with crisp flavors not lasting long, as a wine ages. So as vineyards release the new vintages, its worthwhile to look over your wines, and think about the wines worth drinking now.

A vegetable dish is perfect pairing opportunity for some whites. Some, like Sauvignon Blanc have their own vegetal flavors; hints of green pepper or grass. Others with hints of mineral, like some Rieslings, can complement the earthy flavors of some root vegetables.

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