Monday, October 22, 2012

Coming of Age in Virginia

We don't often get a chance to try aged wine. Coming to our interest in wine only recently, our own wine rack is usually only stocked with the bottles we mean to drink right away. And, we don't really order the oldest wine on the menu. But every once in a while, we get a chance to try something a bit older. On a recent trip to DC, a friend invited us over for a special treat. In the past, he has shared us with some of the secrets of Virginian wines. This time around, he attempted to show us the true strength of the wines of Virginian by delving into his collection, and opening a few bottles that he had set aside for a few years. And it worked.

A trio of bottles; a Meritage, a Cabernet Franc, and something we've never tried, a Tannat. At 2005 for the oldest, these weren't the most aged bottles we have ever had, but the oldest we had ever tried from anyone's personal collection. And that added something special to it. One of our favorite things about wine is the shared experience. Sitting around a table, talking about the wine and its merits. Talking about the story behind the bottle or a chance encounter with the winemaker. Or just using it as a starting point for a bigger conversation about the simple joys in life. Wine is a great way to share a special time with others, and someone taking the effort to open something extraordinary makes it even better.

As an added bonus, the wines were all great. We are getting to know the NY wine scene well, but we haven't had a chance to explore the wine regions of other states much, so getting a guided tour through some specially selected wines from someone who shares our dedication to "the local" was a treat. And each of the wines showed the strength of state, a trio of wonderfully lush yet subtle reds in more of an Old World style, avoiding any comparison to the full bodied and aggressive wines of the West Coast. Despite all the national attention going to West Coast wines, and our own attention focused on the merits of New York wines, it was great to be shown just how mature Virgina winemakers can be. And as an interesting counterpoint, it was informative to see the strength of Cabernet Franc in a different region, with a climate more suited to the grape.

In all, it was a great experience. We had a chance to learn a little bit more about wine, shared something special with friends, and ended up with more stories to tell.

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  1. Come back down for more VA wine anytime! Someday we'll get out out to one or two of our favorites too.