Monday, September 10, 2012

Bison and Blue Franc

Summer comes to an end, and its time to start thinking about heartier reds, and the dinners that go along with them. When the weather is still nice enough to grill, steak is a great option. 

Bison steak, with some stewed summer vegetables, paired with a Blue Franc from Shooting Star. A lean cut of meat, with deep earthy flavors; we chose a Blaufrankisch to provide some spiciness, though the lighter red wine was a bit over-powered by the meat. Eggplant stewed in fresh tomatoes created a sweet vegetable dish, complemented by the sweet fruit flavors of the wine.

In all, this worked well. We chose a fresher, lighter wine to complement the fresh, sweet vegetables, with a spicy notes to complement to meat. Finding that perfect balance for a red wine to work with a hearty steak and light vegetables is a balancing act, but the right selection can bring out the best flavors of both.

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