Friday, August 3, 2012

How-To: Store an Open Wine Bottle

It's not always feasible to finish a bottle of wine in a single sitting. In addition to knowing how to store your unopened bottles, it's important to know how to store the one's you've opened, so you can enjoy them later.
  • The cork: Often, the cork can be flipped over and pushed back into the bottle. This can be very useful for resealing a bottle of wine while you enjoy the first glass, or even overnight.

  • Stoppers: There are many commercial stoppers available, from basic corks to complex sealing devices. The tighter the seal, the longer the original flavors of the wine will last.

  • Improvised stoppers: Most improvised solutions will do nothing to stop air from getting in, and won't really help preserve your wine. The more air that gets in, the quicker the wine spoils.

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