Friday, August 17, 2012

How-To: Picnic with Wine

We have talked in the past about what wines to pair with picnic food, but if you are going to enjoy a bottle of wine in the great outdoors, there are logistics to be concerned about as well.

  • Selecting Your Wine: You should always pick something you enjoy, but think refreshing flavors for summer-time, and balanced flavors (for a wide range of tastes in a group).
  • Keep it Cool: Reds are always enjoyable, but for warm weather and sunny days outside, a cool, refreshing drink is heaven.
  • Glassware: Its not impossible to bring along your favorite stemware, but there is no shame in breaking out the plastic cups. If you bring glass - stemless is easy to cart around.
  • Gear: There are entire kits available to help you prepare yourself for a picnic with wine. But make sure you remember a corkscrew. Or just go with screw-tops, for when you inevitably forget the bottle-opener.

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