Monday, July 9, 2012

Brooklyn Winery Release Party

Not too long ago, we ventured out to the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn to try some wines at Brooklyn Winery. On our cellar tour, we heard about their upcoming release party, when the new vintage would be ready, and we kept an eye out for the big day. 

When we received a Twitter update announcing the party, we ventured out after work to the far side of Brooklyn to see what they had to offer. At 6:30, the main room was quiet, so we grabbed ourselves a couple of seats and pursed the menu. The first thing we noticed; despite the sign for the release party out front, there was nothing on the menu emphasizing the new wines. If we hadn't noticed that there were no longer any NY wines other than what was on tap from the Winery, we would have had no idea anything was new with the menu. In order to try a few different wines, we took advantage of their "Craft your own wine flight", and settled in with a trio of the new releases while we watched the crowds roll in. Several people disappeared into the backroom, where we eventually learned a party organized through for ticketholders was occurring. Slowly, the bar filled up as a diverse crowd filtered in. Ours was not the only table covered in glasses for a tasting flight. There were even a few folks who went home with their own "growler" full of Brooklyn Winery wine.

In all, we had a good time trying the new wines. We always manage to have fun at wine bars. While we missed out on the "real" party in the backroom, we made our own special evening of it, and had a chance to try a few things that we have never had before--which is always a good thing, in our book.

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