Monday, July 23, 2012

Bar Veloce Dinner

Normally, we keep Friday nights casual. Some takeout, a bottle of wine, a bit of TV. It's a good way to wind down the work week. But every once in a while we pretend we are young and adventurous and go out for the evening. Sometimes we even justify it to ourselves by going to check out a good wine bar. This time around, we decided to check out a place known for having a great wine list--Bar Veloce.

We typically look for spots that focus on local wine, but Bar Veloce was a fun exception. With a wide selection of Italian wines, most available by the glass, we had the chance to sit and enjoy our evening, moving through the list and trying a nice range of wines. The menu was organized to help us explore, with a brief description of each wine gave us an idea of what to expect. That is an unexpected bonus for any place renowned for it's wine list, as most places with a vast wine cellar expect patrons to know exactly what they are ordering. It is nice for a wine list to acknowledge that most of us don't know the flavor profile of every wine by heart, but that we might be tempted to try something new with just a bit of encouragement.

Bar Veloce was exactly what we were looking for. A couple of small plates of meat and cheese with a few glasses of wine. Noisy enough that we could chat away the night without everyone in the bar listening to our conversation, but not so loud that we couldn't hear each other. A fun, young professional crowd, in a fun, well designed space. And a good excuse to go out and try a few excellent Italian wines on a Friday night.


  1. James and I love that place. I went the first time I went to NYC and liked it; James and I went one night after getting a late train in from DC. Small plates and a nutella panini + good wine and good limoncello --- count us in! :)

  2. Thanks for your thoughts. We'll have to try the limoncello next time, too!