Friday, June 8, 2012

Pinot Noir Tasting, the Results

On Monday we told you about our test, to see how well we could compare three different Pinot Noir wines. Now to see how we did!

Nate's reveal. Uh oh!
Nathan's Test

Wine Glass     Nathan's Guess    Actual
1                     New York              California
2                     California              France
3                     France                  New York

Tina's Test

Wine Glass     Tina's Guess    Actual
1                     New York         New York
2                     California         California
3                     France             France

As you can see, Tina did a lot better than Nathan. Despite noting some of the same tastes, Tina managed to hone in on some of the defining characteristics of the regions, while Nathan ignored them in his guesses. Two different, trained palates, interpreting differently: what does this tell you? If anything, it confirmed to us that there is no "right" or "wrong" in wine tasting preferences. Again, this was not a true "test" but more something fun to see if we could recognize the signature tastes of three Pinot Noir regions. Nathan concludes it just means we need to drink and learn more! Tina feels here work is done, here.

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