Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quick Review: Three California Zinfandels (Part 2)

US, California, N. Sonoma, Carol Shelton Wines, Mendocino County, Zinfandel, Wild Thing Old Vine, 2008 
++ / Fruity / Berry / Cherry / Full Bodied
There was no tartness or spice in this wine. In fact, the wine was "creamy" due to the wild yeast used for production.

US, California, N. Sonoma, Pedroncelli Winery, Dry Creek Valley, Dry Rose of Zinfandel, 2010 
++ / Crisp / Berry / Strawberry, Plum / Light Bodied
 This is how white zinfandel is meant to be! This rose wine was crisp and mouthwatering, and had a bright red color to it. We’ve become fans of rose wines in the past year or so, once we realized they were all not the pink zinfandels of yesteryear. Mmmm…

US, California, N. Sonoma, BarefootCellars, Lodi, Zinfandel, NV 
+ / Fruity / Berry / Strawberry / Full Bodied
Included because Barefoot Cellars is distributed everywhere, but the Zinfandel less so. Ask for it: at less than $7/bottle, a risk-free way to get started with zinfandel. And NV means it will taste the same year over year. Enjoy!

Note in the above, that, while the wineries are all located in N. Sonoma County, California, the grapes were sourced from vineyards across California. This is a very European style of wine production – go where the grapes are great, produce where you have your winery.

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