Thursday, May 31, 2012

Quick Review: Dessert Wines at B&B Winepub

Austria, Martin Pasler, Beerenauslese
+ // Fruity // Floral // Old peaches, sweet flower // Medium

Beerenauslese is the sweetest level found in Riesling. The menu did not read "riesling," it read what you see above. But we know that beerenauslese is the production method of sweet riesling - they hand pick each grape when it's at its ripest and (and it's on the vines the longest, too) just as you would pick berries. In fact, "beerenauslese" means: "to pick like berries."

Muscato di Asti
/ // Sparkling // Floral, apple // Melon, apple, cantaloupe // Light 

Tina likes the floral notes in Muscato di Asti. The sparkling aspect is a nice way to finish a meal, too.  Muscato di Asti is always sparkling. 

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