Monday, May 28, 2012

B&B Winepub Adventure

We remembered! So often, when we are wandering around NYC, we spot an interesting restaurant or bar that looks interesting, look over the menu, and say "We should remember this place." Then we wander off and forget all about it. We nearly did the same with Burger & Barrel Winepub, but after a Saturday spent in the office, the promise to check it out sprung to mind, so we ventured over to see exactly what they had on offer.

Sitting on the sidewalk of busy Houston (pronounced How-Stun) Street in lower Manhattan is a little different from our usual quiet Saturday, but it proved to but fun people watching while we enjoyed our dinner and wine. The bar was as busy as the street, with a crowd that seemed content to linger and enjoy themselves. The menu was full of well-executed pub food, and the wine and beer list was extensive enough to be interesting but not so vast as to be overwhelming. We drank cocktails and ate the cheesy crab dip (a popular appetizer with nearly every table we could see) while we chatted and decided on dinner. We were on the early side; regardless, nobody rushed us as we lingered. The cocktails were exactly what we were looking for--complex flavors that let us savor a while before we felt compelled to order dinner.

Dinner was fun. Tina had some simple fish tacos with a crisp Sancerre (an area of France that makes Sauvignon Blanc), while I enjoyed some fried chicken with a funky Montepulciano (that's the name of the grape) from Italy.
Fried Chicken. Tina was too fast downing her fish tacos, that I  missed the photo opp.

What we really looked forward to was dessert. One of the largest dessert wine lists we've seen, we felt we just had to give it a try.
Dessert. Brownies, ice cream, and hazelnut. Heavenly.
A delightful evening, enjoying one of the first spring days with a tasty meal.

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  1. Can't say that fish tacos make my mouth water but the chicken looked great and dessert heavenly!