Monday, May 14, 2012

Afternoon Snack at Abigail Wine Bar

It had become habit: most Sundays this past winter were spent at Open Houses. Perhaps it was the hours spent hoofing it around Brooklyn, or maybe it was the enormity of the decision, but as we finished our last tour of the day, we would find ourselves asking, "a glass of wine, dear?" Being in a happy marriage means never saying "no," of course, and off we'd go.

We had been to Abigail Cafe and Wine Bar for dinner--years before, when it was a new restaurant, on a seriously cold night--and had been sorely disappointed. Extremely slow service and seats just feet from the live band made for a less than relaxing night. Tina almost ate her arm for dinner and got a headache from the music and a sore throat for screaming over it. Skimming reviews after the fact confirmed others had the same concerns.

Zoom forward, to a sunny day this past late winter. Tina suggested they give Abigail another try. Now that she and Nate had made a business out of wine tasting, perhaps a new found appreciation would be there upon arrival.

During the day, Abigail's is more of a cafe, less wine bar. And it's quiet. The service continues to be painfully slow - even with just a handful of customers - our cheese plate taking almost 15 minutes to arrive.

But, isn't that the point of an afternoon snack? Lingering, talking about the houses we had seen, thinking of the work week ahead... The wine came in healthy pours such that one glass was enough. And the bartender left us alone to our revelries. When the cheese plate did arrive, it offered some out-of-the-ordinary accoutrements like pickled beets and mustard. The mustard went particularly well with the brie.

We were impressed to see local coffee (Kitten Coffee) and cheeses on the menu, which somewhat made up for the list of mostly foreign wines.

Our verdict: Abigail's works well as a european-style cafe, visited in the afternoon for a cup of coffee or glass of wine. Dinner is only for the very patient. If only they could speed their serving time up (or, give you something to nosh on while you wait).

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