Thursday, April 5, 2012

Vacation Review... Red Wines

With all the warm sun and pork-centric meals, we drank less red wine. We still had a chance to try a few offerings in both Germany and Austria. The most striking thing we noticed was the volume of Blaufrankisch (or Lemberger, as we call it) on offer. This is a varietal we love, discovered on a tasting in the Finger Lakes a few years back, but which we can seldom find on wine menus. It's a light-bodied red with some spiciness and tart red fruits.

We also tried a few glasses of Spatburgunder, the German version of Pinot Noir, with a similar flavor profile. In Austria, we had a chance to try Blauburger, a hybrid of Blaufrankisch with strong berry flavors. We haven't found this grape in the cold climate reds we have had elsewhere.

Even a happy couple sometimes disagrees about which wine to order.

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