Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Quick Review... Restaurants of Munich, Germany

We had such a fun time in Europe; we thought we would share with you the restaurants that we continue to talk about, weeks after our return to the U.S.

Hofbrau Haus: Even though it was the middle of the afternoon on a Friday, the warm spring sun meant the outside courtyard was nearly full. Luckily, we found seats next to another couple of tourists. The beer was excellent, very easy to drink the entire liter. Unfortunately, the service was horrible; after our beer was delivered our waiter forgot about our lunch, and then forgot all about us. By the time we finally got our food, the traditional Munich "white sausage" (WeissWurst), we devoured it so fast that I couldn't tell you if it was any good or not. Of course, from what we've heard, people normally don't go here for lunch. It's a beer garden, after all!

Augustiner am Dom: Located on the plaza surrounding Frauenkirche Cathedral, and recommended in the tourist info provided by our hotel, we expected no less than a tourist trap (a la Hofbrau Haus). But the food felt exceptionally authentic, and it was the best pork we had on the entire trip; juicy with a crispy and heavily spiced skin. We deviated from normal dinner, and ordered a cheese plate as an appetizer with pints of Augustiner Edelstoff beer. The cheese plate was enormous and quite varied. Piled with mild cheeses and a range of pork products, as well as a huge pat of butter, we devoured it with a delicious, fresh pretzel. The pretzels, in fact, were the real treat; they tasted as good as the NYC street pretzels always smell (but never actually taste like).
Cheese plate with pretzel at Augustiner am Dom
Brenner: A modern take on classic Bavarian cuisine. We enjoyed the variety available, with a menu composed of more than just meat and potatoes. It was a busy place, filled with trendy young couples. The space was interesting, with the large kitchen grille in the middle of the dining room, exposing the roaring flames to the patrons. The wine menu was long, complicated, and in German, but surprisingly full of French wine. Also recommended in the information provided at our hotel, and a good find: definitely not a tourist trap by any means, we felt like locals for the evening.

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