Monday, March 19, 2012

A Trip to Brook*Vin

One of our fun things to do, as a weekend comes to a close, is have a glass of wine and a snack at one of the local wine bars in Brooklyn. We’d been to Brook*Vin before. It’s an interesting mix of local and international wines, and a small plate menu that’s diverse and interesting. We’d only been once before but this past weekend, as we were wandering around the area, we came upon it, and Tina said, “let’s go!” It was brisk enough outside that coming into the warm bar was nice. The bar is clean and well-lit, and the wine menu divided by heavy, medium, and full. Although Happy Hour would have gotten us a 5 dollar glass of wine, we went off the menu, choosing Italian wines for our glass. After the glass was finished, it was Nate’s turn to say, “let’s do it!” -- and a second was ordered. The bartender offered a great selection to “graduate” from the one we had, for both Nate and myself. We ordered a side of Honey Pecans to go with the second glass, and enjoyed just talking and being together for the day. We hope to get back to Brook*Vin, the service was excellent and the wines delicious. And the mac n cheese is calling to us.

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