Monday, March 5, 2012

Adventure to Dean Street

We had walked by Dean Street any number of times. It’s sort of sits as
the checkpoint between Prospect Heights in Brooklyn, where we live and Clinton Hill
to the North. It always looked so warm and inviting, we could hear the
murmur of laughter and conversation from the street. And, we always
said, “we should go here some time.” On a cold February evening, we
decided to stay in our neighborhood to try a new restaurant. When we
arrived and were told that the wait was one hour, we said, “forget
it!” and left. Back in the cold, we wondered where we should go. After
aimlessly drifting up Washington Avenue, we remembered Dean Street.
“We’ll go there!” we said. Dean Street is perfect for a casual weekend
evening. The drink list is ample, and the menu wide ranging. Nate
ordered a hamburger, having read that the burger here rated 11th of
all New York City burgers by the Village Voice. Trying to be health
conscious, I chose a turkey burger and salad instead of fries. We were
both astounded. Nate’s burger definitely deserved the award, andI
had never had such a delicious turkey burger. You expect turkey
burgers to be dry, Dean Street’s melts in your mouth. The cocktails
were delicious and the wine good enough for a burger meal. As we ate,
the restaurant filled up with families and couples, and friends
alike. A true meeting spot, a neighborhood gem.

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